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Secure & Smooth Driving

Like all good things, your vehicle’s perfect condition won’t last forever — that is if you don’t follow a routine maintenance schedule to protect it! With the help of the automotive experts at Car Care Auto Center in Bourbonnais, Illinois, you can keep your vehicle running just like it did the day it left the dealership for years to come. One of the best ways to protect performance and efficiency is wheel alignment service!

Wheel alignment ensures that the wheels on your vehicle meet the road at perfect angles. When that happens, your engine works efficiently to power the vehicle forward, with little to no added strain. The tires meet the road surface evenly for optimal traction, control, and efficiency. In addition, they won’t wear out quickly or unevenly. All of this falls apart when even one wheel falls out of proper alignment. When you hit a pothole or curb, a wheel may be turned from its position and won’t line up precisely with the others. A crooked, slanted, tilted, or angled wheel will cause major problems for your vehicle. Like a domino effect, you’ll see issue after issue if you don’t get a wheel alignment service to correct the root cause.

What We Do

When you bring your vehicle to Car Care Auto Center for wheel alignment service, you are saying “yes!” to safe and smooth driving and “no!” to further repair costs and damages. With your vehicle in our shop, our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to measure your vehicle’s alignment and correct any slight skew for 100% perfect results. Accuracy is everything when it comes to wheel alignment, which is why our ASE Certified technicians work with trusted tools and equipment to get the job done right. After checking all the angles, we also examine parts on each wheel to ensure underlying damage isn’t the cause of poor alignment. We won’t send your vehicle back on the road until we are sure of its safety and condition!

Schedule Your Next Service

Not sure if your vehicle needs wheel alignment service? Let our experts perform a free inspection to identify any problem areas. We’ll provide a breakdown of your vehicle’s needs to plan and prioritize services. If there’s anything amiss with the suspension or steering system, our technicians will recommend a simple wheel alignment service to get things back on track. Just a few minutes with our technicians will have your vehicle running smoothly again! Schedule your next service by calling us at 815-937-0700 or use our online reservation system. We welcome walk-in guests, so feel free to stop by our shop without an appointment. We are easy to find at 484 South Main Street near Perry Farm Park and Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Illinois. We look forward to your visit!