Signs Your Car Brakes Need Repair

Check For Feedback From Your Vehicle

Without a doubt one of the more essential safety features on your car, brakes need to be maintained to do their job. But knowing that you need your brakes and Knowing when it is time for brake repair are two different things. When the time comes that your brakes are really needed to be in shape, you won’t have time to get them checked. You need them when the situation arises. For this reason, like many other safety features, you need to be checking them proactively. Other than taking your vehicle in for routine service which can get your brake repair done, there are some signs to look out for that can tell you that your brakes need more immediate attention.

Strange Smells or Sounds

Using the brakes when the pads are low may give off a certain sound because of how they are designed. There can be metal pieces near the end of your brake pad so that the further worn they become, more of a sound will be made. If it sounds like metal screeching then your pads may need to be changed. Your brakes will create friction and a lot of the time this creates heat, but if it’s creating too much heat you could be wearing your brake calipers down which will not be as easy to replace as the pads. You’ll often smell something burning if this is going on.

Losing Control of Your Vehicle

One big concern for your brakes is whether they provide you the stopping power that you expect. If you’re skidding further than you need to be, your brake fluid may need to be refilled to give your pedal more pressure on the calipers which clamp your wheels. If your car is leaning to one direction when you brake it can be caused by uneven wearing of your brakes and that can be dangerous if you need to stop quickly without going all over the place.

Brake Lights

You can’t always check if your brake lights work by yourself because your dashboard may not show your brake lights. If your brake lights are on and you aren’t pressing down the pedal, it could mean that your brake fluid is overfilled and pressing down too hard. You can have someone look at your brake lights while you are in park to check.

As always, if you need brake repair suggested by any of these signs, you can come to Car Care Auto Center in Bourbonnais, IL. CAll us at 815-242-4617 to learn more.

By on June 1st, 2021 in Brake Repair