Signs of Wheel Misalignment

Do You Have It?

The wheel alignment on your vehicle is important to ensure you are driving your car at its best and safest. Poorly maintained roads and parking lots can cause alignment issues and uneven damage to tires over time. Use this guide to help you determine if your wheels may require an adjustment.

You Feel Like Your Vehicle Pulls

If it feels like your vehicle pulls one direction or the other if you stop actively steering, you likely have an alignment issue. Over time, a mild pull could turn into a major issue that makes it more difficult to drive safely. If you are unsure if you feel a pull, go to a large empty parking lot and start driving at a slow speed. Take your hand off the wheel and see if the vehicle begins drifting to one side or the other.

Your Steering Wheel Doesn’t Look or Feel Right

Another telltale sign that you need an alignment is a crooked steering wheel. Put your hands on “10 and 2” when you start your car and start driving. If driving in a straight line shifts your hands from those positions, it means your car requires a crooked steering wheel to drive straight. The culprit is a misaligned tire. Even if your steering wheel drives right, you may notice another symptom. If it seems to vibrate as you drive, it could be because your wheels are pulling in opposite directions of each other due to misalignment.

Your Tires Are Wearing Down Faster Than Expected

When your wheels are misaligned, they put more pressure on your tires. Alignment problems will often have tires that wear down faster compared to a properly aligned vehicle. Ideally, the tires should be wearing out evenly. If one side always seems to feel smoother than the other, it could be an alignment issue.

Taking care of your tires and wheels is essential for ensuring the longevity of your vehicle, as well as the safety of you, your passengers, and people in other cars. If you suspect you need a wheel alignment in Bourbonnais, Illinois, contact an experienced auto repair shop.

By on August 23rd, 2019 in Wheel Alignment